Wiring Video Interface on Cayenne 2003+

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Wiring Video Interface on Cayenne 2003+

Postby artur » 25 Aug 2015, 23:31

Hello CarSolutions support,

i have installed the board inside my PCM 2.1 and connected display and i see the OEM screen correctly.The brown (not gray on my delivered connector left wire) wire is soldered to pin4.

The PCM works fine, but my Video Interface does not come up with green light. I have found only 12V+ and ground at PCM connector, there is no ACC or usable ignition but that i will fix.

Which free wires do i have to connect where? Do i have to connect the CAN wires too (CAN-L,CAN-H,SAFE) i suppose it is required to identify reverse gear or how does it work? What is required that green lights up? A TV box was connected to AV1.

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