interface volvo sensus connect

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interface volvo sensus connect

Postby saraevod » 20 Dec 2015, 00:46

After consulting with your support about the compatibility of my car Volvo XC70 model year 2015 equipped with sensus connect and received the nod, was purchased this videointerface Today installed in the car. In the end, this is the situation; the power on the interface has (led), full-time picture on the monitor is, the buttons responsible for instance for heated seats Parking sensors, blow-off work, but all the functionality(buttons) responsible for switching on/ off sound, volume, turn on the regular menu BC, radios, multimedia and navigation do not work. By the way sounds in the car at all, no music, no Parktronic((image themselves PDC ). There is no sound at all. Switch the button on the Navi interface isn't working. What am I doing wrong and what could be the reason?
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Re: interface volvo sensus connect

Postby Yuretz » 21 Dec 2015, 10:43

First of all, please provide clear photo of the screen with the running menu. As for connection: please make sure that video interface was installed behind the head unit and not behind the monitor. LCD IN cable should go to the head unit and LCD OUT to the monitor. Also, please try DIP switches #5 and #6 in different positions.
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