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Discussion and Offers

PostPosted: 15 Nov 2012, 15:57
by Chortenia
You are welcome to comment or share experience of connection and application of multifunctional universal touch screen controller TSC-206IM.


We will also be glad to discuss your offers on improvement or extension of the controller functions.

Re: Discussion and Offers

PostPosted: 15 Nov 2012, 18:30
by hslava
Hi to All. I am designer of the TSC- 206IM device.
What is this?
: this device is intended for the «removal» of co-ordinates of pushed-in point of touchscreen during the physical connecting to touchscreen of original monitor or touchpanel added, transmissions of co-ordinates of pushed-in point to the peripheral, additionally set, GPS device; and to the management commutation of peripheral video sources;

• Suitable for majority resistive type touchscreens;
• Original toucscreen connecting in parallel with regular circuits;
• Easy-to-use setted touchscreen operating(if original touchscreen is not completed);
• Semiautomatic touchpanel lines X,Y detection ;
• GPS device type automatic recognizing(if both lines RX TX of GPS unit are connected).

• external source selection output(Logic or pulse train). relay coil may be connected;
• Infra red port (up to 64 control commands) for all sources (NAVI, DVD, TV up to 6 ) manage;
• 9 virtual buttons(9 screen areas) managed by customer.
• Source switching by external push button;
• Convenient parameters control by service Software SerPro and standard usb1.1 interface.
• Low power consumption(15 mA) ;
• All needed cables and connectors are included.
• Small dimensions 30х48х7мм(1.2x2x0.3 inch
Supported GPS units are:
CS9100 *(type PHANTOM,F1)
CS9200 *(тип навигатора PHANTOM,F1)
WP9100R (RV) *(type PHANTOM,F1)
WP9100 Scale *(type PHANTOM,F1)
WP9200 *(тип type PHANTOM,F1)
Element F1 *(type PHANTOM,F1)
Element F10 *(type PHANTOM,F1)
Element F15 *(тtype PHANTOM,F1)
Phantom SPT-100 *(type PHANTOM,F1)
Phantom SPT-200 *(type PHANTOM,F1)
WEG-160 *(type PHANTOM,F1)
LM7200(type LM7200)
GVN 53(type GVN53)
Mircom M500 *(type KENWOOD MIRCOM)
* for all GPS units type PHANTOM, f1 must be SET an INTERFACE protocol KENWOOD.

Re: Discussion and Offers

PostPosted: 12 Nov 2014, 18:38
by euanT
I have been recommended the TSC-206IM controller to connect the CS9320 Navigation Box to the Universal RGB Low-End Car Video Interface My car (2009 jaguar X type ) has a 7" resistive touchscreen(RGB + sync) fitted that controls the OEM sayNav/Audio/Climate etc.
I am not sure how the TSC-206IM connects to the other units, can you explain, show wiring diagram please as downloaded manual is not clear

Euan T

Re: Discussion and Offers

PostPosted: 17 Feb 2017, 01:29
by Scarbs
I'm interested in this unit also.
My vehicle is Toyota Estima Mk3 from 2006.
I'm looking to install English satnav and FM unit on or through the Japanese system.
Happy to post photos of head unit if required.

Re: Discussion and Offers

PostPosted: 18 Feb 2017, 12:49
by Scarbs
Hoping somebody can confirm.